Advanced Candlestick Pattern Analysis

Whilst the simplest candlestick patterns can be successfully recognized by virtually any trader regardless of experience, there are some more advanced patterns which require a bit more skill to successfully identify and often these patterns can lead to excellent profits when interpreted correctly. Often these patterns can contain three or more candlesticks and they must contain very specific characteristics in order to work correctly.

One advanced candlestick pattern for traders to use is the bearish three black crows pattern. This pattern only occurs during a strong upward trend but once it has been identified a trader can be fairly confident that a price reversal is imminent.

This particular pattern unsurprisingly consists of three candlesticks and the first of those must be present at the top of an uptrend. This first candlestick must have a long body and simultaneously display a lower closing price than opening price.

That candlestick is considered to be the first crow. The second crow on the other hand should look identical except the opening price should occur in the lower half of the first candlestick’s body and the closing price must be lower than that of the previous candlestick.

Finally, the third crow should be identical to the other two except it should have the same positional relationship to the second crow that the second crow has to the first. Once the pattern is completed it should look like a set of uniform stairs heading downwards or it should look like three black crows looking down whilst perching on a tree, hence the name.

The three crows are all looking down and this is symbolic of lower prices to come and at this point a trader should enter the market because they can feel confident that the next direction of the market is bearish.

Another advanced pattern for traders to use is the three white soldiers pattern. This formation is similar to the three black crows except its function is the opposite. It is named the three white soldiers because it is supposed to predict a strong upward surge in the market.

This pattern only occurs at the bottom of a down trend and its appearance is exactly the same as the three black crows except the prices of the three candlesticks indicate an increase from the opening price to the closing price. This creates a pattern that resembles a set of stairs heading upwards instead of downwards like the three black crows. Much like the crows this is a very reliable candlestick pattern to suggest a dramatic change in market movement. Traders can feel confident that the downtrend will end and the market will become bullish.

AnotherĀ advanced candlestick patternĀ for traders to consider is the tri-star pattern. This is rare but very reliable and consists of three concurrent doji stars. The middle of these stars must be elevated above the other two, which should be parallel to one another. If this formation is seen at the top of an uptrend a price reversal will occur and if the opposite pattern is seen at the bottom of a downtrend the market direction will change.