Basic Range Trading

Basic Range Trading With Bollinger Bands by Mark Deaton Range trading is a basic technique used by novice traders and experts traders alike. The principles behind this technique rely on the price of a security moving back and forth within a certain price range. When the price hits the ceiling...

Assessing Volatility With Bollinger Bands

Bollinger bands are one of the key tools used in modern trading and although each individual trader has their own preferred indicators, Bollinger bands are used often by nearly all traders. One of the greatest benefits to Bollinger bands is their ability to assess the volatility of a particular security. By accurately analyzing and interpreting this volatility, a trader can make crucial decisions regarding entering and exiting the market and they can also use this information to be fairly confident of future movements in the price of a security. Volatility With Bollinger Bands The volatility of a security is the amount of risk surrounding... - best wordpress themes - magazine wordpress themes restaurant wordpress themes