Going mental in your trading Jul06

Going mental in your trading

When people ask me what training has helped me become successful as a trader, they are usually surprised to hear that it is my background in psychology. Of course, the ability to read price and understand technical indications is important, but even those traders who have the best plans and well thought out trading plans will fail if they cannot execute properly. We are all human; we have emotions and thoughts that need to be properly recognized and understood before we can excel in trading. Most students of Online Trading Academy and even many traders will be able to answer correctly when asked, “What are the two biggest motivators in...

Fed Lost Their Mojo Apr23

Fed Lost Their Mojo

Has the Fed Lost Their Mojo? by Brandon Wendell A popular question when I was being interviewed by the Indian media was, “Do you think the Quantitative Easing Part 2 will work?” My immediate response is usually, “If the QE program by the Fed is so effective for getting the US...

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